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We believe that the advice process is a journey and the reason most people don‟t get started working on their financial future is that financial planning is often perceived as too complicated, overwhelming or expensive. Therefore, we offer clients a multiple step approach, that allows them to understand and only pay for what they need.

Initial advice 

To give people the start they need to make a difference in their financial future, we offer all clients as a first step in our process, an initial advice document. 

FLP Financial Advice Process Clients

The initial advice keeps things simple. Offered at a flat fee it provides an easy to understand high level assessment of your current financial position, broad strategies for you to consider, and identifies areas that you require further and detailed advice. In developing your initial advice, we will work with you to understand your needs, objectives, concerns and financial situation. We listen to what‟s important to you and assist you to truly clarify your needs, goals and priorities.   

FLP Financial Advice Process Clients

This critical step in the financial planning process ensures any advice you elect to receive is appropriate for you. We will then provide you an actionable initial advice document, which will identify any areas of your financial life where personal advice can add value. 

This process will allow you understand and take control of your financial affairs.  You can then engage us to provide the scope of advice that is right for you, deciding what to prioritise and or project manage at your own pace. 

It is important to point out, the initial advice does not provide you with all of the detailed and specific financial advice you may require.  It is the first step and provides a high level assessment of your current financial position, broad strategies for you to consider, and identifies areas where you require further detailed advice, as well as the costs if you wish to continue to receive specific advice.  Our initial advice is presented in a Statement of Advice as it does include high level advice tailored to your personal circumstances. 

FLP Financial Advice Process Clients

 Specific financial advice 

After receiving your initial advice and establishing the scope of advice that meets your needs, priorities and budget, you can make an informed decision about how to proceed.  At all times our aim is to keep you informed and assist you by documenting this information, before your agreement and commencing work.  

FLP Financial Advice Process Clients

Where you agree to proceed with our specific advice, we will present both personal strategy and financial product recommendations in a second SOA which will explain in detail the specific advice, why it is appropriate and how it‟s likely to benefit you. It will also explain significant risk, implications, fees, remuneration, benefits or associations relevant to the advice.  

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